Alex B. Criswell

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Seasoned Instructional Designer with broad experience in Higher Education, Customer Service, and Administrative Support. Technologically oriented professional with hands-on experience in designing and delivering learning programs. Strong oral and written communication skills, experience with online survey design, data analysis, evaluation, and possesses the ability to perform autonomously or within small and large groups. Academic experience includes communication, education, hospitality administration, and business management. Professional vision is to implement a distance training initiative (or improve the current initiative) in a corporation. Along the way, this will include consulting businesses and individuals about their training methods and how they can incorporate technology (and e-learning) into their training. With this initiative, I plan to assist them in the development of effective instructional materials, implementing a learning management system as a method of instruction and assessment, incorporating technology into their teaching and learning, and modifying their training system to meet the needs of all learners and their learning styles. Professional interests include E-learning, Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Learning Management System Administration, Professional Development, Training Design and Facilitation, and Web & Content Accessibility.

Continually seeks new challenges thats will assist in personal and professional advancement. A life-long learner and educator, who follows the motto "Always Learning, Always Teaching."

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Alex B. Criswell
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