Educational Portfolio

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Take a moment to review my showcase of items, which includes my educational projects. You can easily navigate through my educational portfolio by using the navigation menu in the left sidebar.

If you are looking for my experience and employment, please view my résumé.

Portfolio Contents

Below is a list of my educational portfolio contents, their sections, and content headers.

  1. Restaurant Project
    • Under Construction

  2. Conference Presentations
    • Screen-Capturing, Screen-Casting, and Screen Sharing for the Budget Friendly Teacher
    • Reaching Student Communication and Learning Needs Through Web Accessibility
    • Supplemental Resources and Examples

  3. Instructional Design Project
    • Instructional Design Proposal
    • Podcasts
    • Instructional Design Website
    • Instructional Technology Vision
    • Learning Space Design Plan

  4. Class Projects
    • Accessibility Training
    • Emotional Intelligence Instructional Analysis
    • Instructional Leadership Class Project
    • Instructional Design Plan for Online Learning
    • LiveBinder
    • Sunrise University Project

  5. Writing Samples
    • Theory
    • Research
    • Business Proposal and Philosophy

  6. Taskstream Evaluations
    • Overall Summary of Scores
    • Individual Scores (Course Evaluations)
    • Instructional Design Program Practicum
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